Madrid & Beyond

Unique experiences that will become lifelong memories

At Madrid & Beyond we customise all our itineraries according to your tastes, requirements and Budget, creating the trip that best suits your needs. We take you deep inside the world of wine, food, music, art and culture, ensuring that you truly “experience” Barcelona and its environs, providing insider’s access to a huge range of fabulous people and places that is simply not available elsewhere. The wide range and quality of our “Special Experiences” allows us to organise dream trips for our most sophisticated and discerning travellers. Perfect for travellers who want to go beyond the clichés and discover the heart and pulse of historic and contemporary Barcelona.
No matter how alluring the photos in a travel brochure or website are, what really counts are the people you meet and the experiences you share with them. At Madrid & Beyond it’s the people who count and we want to share your dream trip to Barcelona with you.

Our location

Génova, 21, 5D - 28004 Madrid