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Do you want to visit or would you rather discover, feel, taste and live Barcelona? Premium Traveler Barcelona is specialized in designing customized travel itineraries, unique tours and experiences and high quality travel services in Barcelona, Catalonia and other Spanish destinations. Each one of our handcrafted trips are designed for the most discerning of travelers who want to discover the best of each city and region in an exclusive, authentic and singular way, without worrying about anything and away from the beaten track​. Either if you want to organize a one day service or a full trip itinerary, we will propose the plan that suits you best, always adapted to your needs, preferences, tastes and budget. We are a team of young, dynamic, knowledgeable and well­connected professionals passionate about our city. We will guide you along every step of your trip, from the initial planning to your way back home. Our aim goes far beyond simply organizing trips, what we really like is to create experiences and exceptional adventures you will always remember. Let us make your dream trip a reality.

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