Rías de Galicia

Excellent service and the finest produce for lovers of fine dining

Rías de Galicia is a restaurant where the produce takes centre stage. It pays tribute to Galicia by featuring many of the region’s iconic dishes on the menu, but it also looks for excellence wherever it may be. Everything the sea has to offer from the best fish to the finest seafood is its raison d’être.
The Rías de Galicia menu is sourced daily from the Cantabrian, Atlantic and Mediterranean. With the great chef Ever Cubilles at the helm, it offers exceptional produce cooked in a masterful fashion, as nature intended, without any dramatic flourishes or affectations.
The way we eat has changed over the years and Rías de Galicia has moved with the times. The restaurant is divided into two levels. The top floor is a sea of tapas: the new Espai Kru. It is more casual, more fun, and more imaginative. A contemporary, cosy ambiance with a cocktail bar and a bar where the chefs prepare a wide variety of dishes in front of the diners. Two Rías in one. The menu is divided into two sections. The main section consists of raw dishes and is a hymn to the produce, and the second section features cooked dishes.

Our location

Lleida, 7 - 08004 Barcelona